Why should I insure with Mercedes-Benz?

Q) What is the new for old replacement policy through Mercedes-Benz Insurance?

            A) Mercedes-Benz Insurance offers a 2-3 year new for old replacement policy depending on the type of cover chosen. Our prestige policies come standard with 3 year new for old replacement.

Q) Does Mercedes-Benz Insurance come with optional extras?

            A) Yes, Mercedes-Benz Insurance comes with optional extras such as hire car benefits, windscreen cover and protection of no claim bonuses.

Q) Can the insured vehicle be taken to my repairer of choice?

            A) Yes, Mercedes-Benz Insurance will allow you to take your car to any repairer. Mercedes-Benz Australia have a list of authorised repairers which Mercedes-Benz Insurance affiliate with.

Q) Who underwrites Mercedes-Benz Insurance?

A) Mercedes-Benz has two underwriters, Allianz & QBE. All our customers will receive a quote from both insurers in order to make an informed decision as to which suits their needs better.

Q) Does Mercedes-Benz Insurance use genuine parts on my car?

            A) Mercedes-Benz Insurance will always use new and genuine parts for all their repairs. There are some insurers out there that will use replicas or used parts which is not suitable for a Mercedes-Benz.

Q) Can customers choose to pay their premiums monthly?

            A) Monthly payments are possible at no extra charge to the customer.