Protecktiv HYDRO Surface Coating

Globally Certified Ceramic Surface Coatings for Exterior and Interior

Protektiv HYDRO surface coating is made from a high performing formula combining Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Silicon Dioxide (Si02), delivering extreme durability, hardness and a permanent super gloss finish.

Protektiv HYDRO has been certified to meet Boeing D6-17487 specification after rigorous testing against stringent standards set out for Boeing compatible products.

Exterior Paint Coating

Protects Against:

• Weather Induced Oxidisation, Fading & Loss Of Gloss
• Bird & Bat Droppings
• Tree Sap
• Bug Splatter
• Bore Water
• Sunscreen
• Water Marks
• Rail Dust
• Fallen Leaves
• Clear coat delamination (limited 6 year warranty for vehicles less than 12 months old at date of application).

Why do you need Exterior Protection?

• Contains abrasion resistant properties
• Eliminates the need to wax and polish
• Provides an outstanding and long lasting shine
• Helps keep your vehicle cleaner for longer
• Once-off application
• No inspections
• Professionally applied
• Maximise re-sale value
• Backed by a nationwide lifetime warranty*