Welcome to Mercedes-Benz Sydney.

The purchase of a Mercedes-Benz, to many of our customers, is both the realisation and culmination of a lifelong dream. A dream that we are delighted to be part of. We understand that there is very little that can compare to the feeling of achievement and pride that comes with owning the brand that leads the way for luxury, innovative intelligence, comfort, quality and unrivalled performance dynamics.

As the nature of mobility continues to evolve in today’s radically changing environment, for example autonomous driving, connectivity, digital and electric mobility, we understand that there is one thing that will never change – the people. We are in the relationship business above all else and rely the on-going support and loyalty of our customers.

As a Mercedes-Benz owner you expect a consistent, high quality service and personal attention and care. We have a responsibility to provide that to you – not just when you buy your vehicle ,but throughout your entire ownership period. We pride ourselves on being an employer of choice, and as such have a large team of long-serving, award winning staff who are dedicated to supporting our customers at every point of their Mercedes-Benz journey.

At Mercedes-Benz Sydney we are here to ensure that you enjoy every moment of driving your Mercedes-Benz.

Welcome to our dealership.

Best Regards
Susan Butler
Dealer Principal | Mercedes-Benz Sydney