John & Christine Fox

Upon arrival we were navigated to Michael’s area and he was completely accommodating in his portrayal of the vehicle, had total knowledge and response to our questions and even instilled confidence in my wife, as she was quite nervous to drive the car in the city traffic. Simply this man is a MB Whisperer, he has the way and knows the path.
If ever there was a way to win my wife over it is simply to offer her a decent coffee and if you want the slam dunk, perhaps a cookie or a piece of cake. Michael nailed both. Bearing in mind that we had only met a few moments (probably half an hour) previously and there was no way Michael could have known this. Clearly, he is some sort of magician and if I were to nominate anyone for the Triwizard Cup, Michael is the go-to guy. This guy is someone Harry Potter himself would struggle to keep up with. So, with the test drive done and wifey completely comfortable, Michael negotiated calmly and capably with myself and closed out smoothly for a deal we were all happy with.
In all seriousness, having worked as and trained sales people for a number of years, Michael is someone who the dealership should be very proud to have standing as a MB representative. He has admirable traits of credibility, empathy and subtleness that serve him well in his ongoing customer interactions. His sales skills have clearly been honed to the point where they are subtle but definitely not overbearing. It was a true pleasure to meet and interact with Michael and I personally believe that even if we did not finalize a purchase with him his behaviour would have been the same, which is again a testament to him.
Just when we thought our experience had reached its pinnacle, Michael introduced us to Stephan to take care of the financial aspects of the sale. Momentarily we thought that Stephan may have been a paid actor as he embodied all of the Germanic attributes we associate with the MB brand. Completely professional and phenomenally efficient he was completely articulate and profoundly capable in completing all required aspects to finalize things effectively. This guy is so good that you get the impression if the world appointed Stephan to co-ordinate a global response to COVID-19 the pandemic would be wrapped up and take care of in a matter of weeks. The transition between Michaele and Stephan was commendable and again, completely remarkable.
When we returned on Friday to complete the transfer of vehicles, both Michael and Stephan’s amazing acumen was on complete display and numerous times my wife commented on how she was struggling to comprehend how thorough and fulfilling the experience was. Both of them worked seamlessly together and in particular Michael’s effort was outstanding in making us feel completely comfortable in our new vehicle.
I could elaborate much further on both of these quality people however I did promise my wife not to be too verbose in my praise. I cannot recommend either Michael or Stephan enough, they are truly a quality reflection upon and enhancement of the MB brand. I recall thinking when both Michael and Stephan congratulated us on our purchase that the true congratulations should go to MB for having two polished and excellent brand ambassadors under the MB Bonnet.
Thank you Michael & Stephan for your dual performance was and is a wonderful sight to behold.
Similarly to Lewis Hamilton and Valterri Bottas, you both have MB positioned to win at every race.
Our only regret is not needing a new car for a fair while now as it means we will have to be patient to go through such an experience with Michael and Stephan again, however we do know once we are ready for our next purchase in the distant future it will definitely be worth the wait to work through the process again with these two.
Thanks again Michael & Stephan
P.S. Acknowledgement to Michelle and Bonnie who did also represent MB well, and assisted in positioning Michael and Stephan’s performance.